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The Art Management Systems | Andrea CONCAS | ArteCONCAS

It becomes unthinkable for collectors and professionals in the art world to operate in the shadow of old traditions.

This is why technology is also used in the creation of professional tools to support the management of works of art

Here is the importance of management systems for art

Once upon a time, not too far away, it was not unusual for collectors to keep the Certificate of Authenticity , document that contains the main information on the work and certifies its originality, on the back of the work itself, thus ensuring in the event of theft easy play for thieves who had wanted to resell the work.

This is why the documentary kit of a work of art has a fundamental historical and economic value, which depending on the importance of the work becomes complex and somewhat onerous to reconstruct.

In order to ensure correct management of the documentary kit, made up of documents such as the Certificate of Authenticity, the Condition Report, publications and whatever else is needed to guarantee and document the life of the work of art, were born specific software for the management of the Artist Archives, public and private art collections, as well as the works of the galleries to store and store information in total privacy and security, making it even usable via smartphones and tablets. < / p

Among the most innovative systems Art Rights, the platform that offers the opportunity to manage, track and enhance their art collection, in complete security, privacy and autonomy, thanks to Blockchain technology and Artificial Intelligence.

In compliance with the roles and copyright, artists, collectors, gallery owners, archives, museums and foundations, as users of the platform, can produce an original and non-falsifiable digital certificate, with all the information relating to the technical characteristics. , valuable, authentic, condition report , publications and any other documentary equipment of the work, creating a real “passport of the work of art”.

The information can be validated by the artist himself, by the previous owners, as well as by galleries, auction houses, antique dealers, and more generally by the entire industry chain as critics, art historians, photographers, restorers.

Just like a passport, the certification will add many “stamps” that will attest to the entire history of the work of art ; the more stamps there will be, and even more the attribution, ownership, state of conservation can be certain, so consequently the greater its value.

Art Rights becomes in this perspective an interesting tool to protect all the protagonists of the world of art, tracing in a simplified way the whole history of the work, accompanying it over time and in the actions of conservation, insurance, sale, capitalization, study and research, as well as in the due diligence and provenance stages.

And you, are you ready to dedicate to manage your works?

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