Passionate, innovator, curious, sometimes visionary,
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Andrea Concas

He is the founder and CEO of the startup of art Art Backers, of Art Rights platform for the management and certification of works of art, and of ArtBackers.Agency, Cultural Marketing and Communication Agency dedicated to the world of Art 3.0.

He created the art galleries The AB Gallery and founded, the first online community for learning, updating and orientation towards the professions of art.

He created the first “ChatBOT book” art with the series “100 Domande 150 Rispose”, published by Mondadori Electa , which thanks to ArteConcasBOT , answers questions about artists, their life, works and the market. He is the author of the book ProfessioneARTE – The protagonists, investment opportunities, new digital challenges “ , the first guide for those who want to make their profession. Published in May 2020 “L’Arte Post Coronavirus Art. Digital strategies for art professionals “ in eBook format, published by Edizioni Piemme, where it reveals the best digital strategies for restarting, aimed at gallery owners, museums, artists, collectors, curators, houses of auction and professionals of Art and Culture.

With his articles, videos and social channels it promotes and supports art every day with over...

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Expert in Art & Innovation, Cultural Marketing, Art Tech and Art Digital Innovation
is a teacher, visiting professor, panelist and key note speaker for:

Andrea Concas is contributor for:

Is author for Mondadori of the books:

With over 15 years of experience in the art and culture sector, he has dealt with museum installations, exhibitions, territorial marketing and cultural planning for companies, museums and institutions.

He supports public and private bodies as Art Tech consultant and for Marketing and Communication initiatives.

As Art Entreprenuer is Founder & CEO of Art Startups:

Art Backers is the first international art publisher, which produces, promotes and markets works of art and limited editions (artist multiples).

It supports the artists in the creation of Limited Editions, with traditional techniques (screen printing, etchings, lithographs) and innovative, rigorously numbered and hand signed by the artist with a certificate of authenticity, on fine papers with the highest museum quality.

Art Rights is the first platform to support the management and certification of works of art to protect and favor artists, collectors and operators in the sector.

Art Rights becomes the "work passport", with a unique system for validating information and documentary equipment by multiple professionals in favor of authenticity, Provenance and Due Diligence and greater trust in the market.

The AB Gallery are the first art gallery network that supports art and artists, dedicated to art lovers and new future collectors.
A new vision of art aimed at young, and not only, "art lovers" who believe in a sustainable and accessible art for all, including sociality, culture and collecting. It is the first community dedicated to training, updating and orientation towards the professions of art.

Innovative training-experiential system for the transfer of skills based on webinars, e-learning, video-courses and live workshops, entirely dedicated to art professionals.

Art Backers supports public, private bodies, museums, institutions, galleries and non-sector brands with Cultural Marketing initiatives

Studies and designs communication campaigns exclusively dedicated to the world of art, the management of artists, the identification, the logistical and operational organization of events and exhibitions.

ArtCollateral is the first Escrow Agent in the art world, dedicated to Art Lending.

Thanks to an exclusive vetting and due diligence protocol that acts in absolute privacy, ArtCollateral allows you to "guarantee" works of art to obtain financial loans.

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