All you need to know about NFTs, Blockchains and Digital Art

After the "baptism" of Christie's and the millionaire sale of the first NFT at auction the era of Crypto Arte has begun, a art revolution worth millions of dollars, sorry, of cryptocurrencies which is offering unprecedented opportunities to artists, collectors and professionals from the art world and not only.

But what are NFTs?
How are digital artworks created and sold?
How does the Blockchain work?
What are Wallets, Exchanges and Cryptocurrencies?
What is the difference between Digital Art and Crypto Art?
Who are the protagonists of the Crypto Communities?
What are the criticalities and possible opportunities of this market?

from 7th September 2021

Discover the opportunities that Crypto Arte offers you, for you who are an artist, collector or professional in the sector


In the eBook you will find the testimonies of great professionals, collectors and artists with their unpublished contributions on the best strategies to be adopted to become part of the world of Crypto Art

George Cornelieu Bileca

Chief Design Officer | Voxel Architects

Stefano Capaccioli

Accountant| Studio capaccioli

Pablo Rodriguez-Fraile


Federico Izzi

Financial Technical Analyst

Johann König e Anika Meier

König Gallerie

Sylvain Levy


Maria Grazia Mattei

MEET President | International Digital Culture Center, Milan

Marco Rubino

Contributor Forbes e Partner CommunityGroup

Massimo Simbula

Simbula Law Firm

Roberto Concas

Historian and Semiologist of Art


CryptoArtist OG

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Discover the unpublished eBook by Andrea Concas published by Piemme for the Molecole series, available in ePub and Kindle format.


Passionate, curious, sometimes visionary, Andrea Concas talks about art and innovation every day as an art entrepreneur, teacher, popularizer and speaker all over the world.

He is the founder and CEO of the art startup Art Backers, of Art Rights, a platform for the management and certification of works of art with the Blockchain and NFT, and of ArtBackers.Agency, a Cultural Marketing and Communication agency dedicated to the world of Art 3.0. He gave life to the art galleries The AB Gallery and founded, the first online community for training, updating and orientation towards the professions of art. He created the first “ChatBOT Book” in the art world with the “100 Questions 150 Answers” series, published by Mondadori Electa, which, thanks to ArteConcasBOT, answers questions about artists, their lives, works and the market. For the series he wrote Leonardo da Vinci, Banksy and the best seller Frida Kahlo. He is the author of the book “ProfessioneARTE-The protagonists, investment opportunities, new digital challenges”, the first guide for those who want to make art in their profession. He published “Post Coronavirus Art. Digital strategies for art professionals “in eBook format, published by Edizioni Piemme, where it reveals the best digital strategies for restarting, aimed at gallery owners, museums, artists, collectors, curators, auction houses and art professionals and of Culture. With its videos and social channels, it promotes and supports art every day.

"For many a bubble, a passing fashion, for others the future, but it is certain that what has happened up to now with NFTs has nothing to do with the dynamics of the traditional art world, but is deeply linked to those of the crypto community! The rules of the game for the art still need to be written, defined and shared, the game is still to be played ... "



  • Il libro
  • L’Autore
  • Introduzione 
  • Il Battesimo di Christie’s
  • La Blockchain
  • Arte & Blockchain: i principali utilizzi
    • Tokenizzazione
    • Arte Digitale
    • Art Business Solution
  • Arte Digitale e Crypto Arte
  • Cosa sono gli NFT Non Fungible Token
    • Arte & Creatività
    • Collectibles
    • Gaming
    • Virtual Asset
    • Asset Fisici
    • Proprietà Intellettuale
    • Identità
    • Documenti Fiscali e Tracciamento
  • Arte & NFT
  • Artisti & NFT
  • Le basi per operare nel mondo Crypto
    • Criptovalute
    • I Wallet
    • Exchange
    • Etherscan
    • IPFS InterPlanetary File System
  • Il Mercato degli NFT di Crypto Arte
  • Come si vendono e si acquistano gli NFT
  • La Valorizzazione e Curatela degli NFT
  • La community NFT
  • Il futuro Phygital
  • NFT: rischi e regolamentazione
  • Conclusioni
  • ArteConcasTALKS
    • George Cornelieu Bileca – Chief Design Officer Voxel Architects
    • Stefano Capaccioli – Studio Capaccioli Commercialista 
    • Roberto Concas – Storico e Semiologo dell’Arte
    • Pablo Rodriguez-Fraile – Collezionista
    • Hackatao – CryptoArtist OG
    • Federico Izzi – Analista Tecnico Finanziario
    • Sylvain Levy – Collezionista dslcollection
    • Maria Grazia Mattei – Presidente MEET | Digital Cultural Center Milan
    • Marco Rubino – Contributor Forbes e Partner CommunityGroup
    • Massimo Simbula – Studio Legale Simbula 
    • Johann König e Anika Meier – König Gallery 
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  • Bibliografia
  • Sitografia
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